Why buy a refurbished server

Why buy a refurbished server rather than a new server?

Buying refurbished servers in a recession is cost effective, sensible and relatively risk free if you buy from a recognised supplier that provides at least a 12 Month warranty.

Buying refurbished servers from E-Bay can be both more risky and significantly more expensive in the long run if problems arise, it is therefore important to verify the credentials and history of the company supplying the hardware by asking how long they have been trading and the services and warranty that are provided.

Once these criteria's have been verified, there are an abundance of offers available from established suppliers.

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In the current economic climate, budgets are stretched and many of the recognised manufacturers like Dell, HP and IBM continue to promote new server systems and stop supporting "old" systems ( 2/3 Years) therefore almost forcing companies to upgrade even though there is in actuality no great need.

Many companies and IT departments are convinced that they have to upgrade to the latest and greatest servers to gain more power and more features than they will ever use.

Refurbished servers and storage is a great option to consider when trying to maximize your technology and IT budget.

Quite a few of the latest servers come available through companies either over ordering to meet committed discounts or where companies are forced into liquidation by the current economic climate.  Savings as high as 60% can be achieved and many servers still include the original Warranty.Businessmansittingwithhislaptopcheering

Many Legacy applications are often linked to specific systems and are not supported on the latest processors which can mean that "old" systems still maintain their value and “do the Job” very well. Component parts are readily available and many companies provide maintenance  where the original manufacturer withdraws support and forces companies to  upgrade.

Purchasing refurbished servers can also be effective when there is a need to test systems prior to implementation and many companies offer short term rental terms to allow companies to test their applications on the latest software.

Many disasters occur through flooding and adverse weather conditions leaving companies with No systems at all. In 2011, the Tsunami in Thailand wiped out the production of disks and there was an immense shortage of new disks for about 3 months. Refurbished disks were in great supply.

New or refurbished servers

Reliability is still important though so prior to shipping, the servers and storage by companies such as CCL are extensively tested to ensure they are fault free.

Using a company like Computer Communications Limited (CCL) which has built a reputation since 1973 of supplying both hardware and software services and support, many companies can take advantage of all the various solutions on offer that compliment the servers they require such as Cisco Switches and Routers, Qlogic and Emulex HBA’s, McData for example.

Refurbished server and storage configurations can be provided to exact specifications you can configure your own requirements from the more established and reliable companies and delivery is normally within 48 hours.

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