Refurbished Servers from Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sun 

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Refurbished Servers

Lenovo x3650 M5 Server Xeon E5 v4 Ten-Core

Lenovo x3650 M5 Server Xeon E5 v4 Ten-Core Server RackMount

Lenovo X3690 X5 Server

Lenovo X3690 X5 Server RackMount

Sun Storage 2540-M2

Sun Storage 2540-M2 Rack Server

HP DL740 ProLiant Server

HP ProLiant DL740 4 Socket server

Dell R530 PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdge R530 2U Rack Server

Dell PowerEdge R730 server

Dell Poweredge R730 2U Rack Server

Sun SPARC T4-2

Sun SPARC T4-2 Rack Server.

Dell PowerEdge R930 4 Socket server

Dell PowerEdge R930 4U Rack server

Dell R630 PowerEdge

Dell Poweredge R630 1U Rack Server

Dell R730XD PowerEdge

Dell Poweredge R730XD 2U Rack Server

HP DL380G8 Proliant Rack Server

The HP ProLiant DL380G8 sets the next generation standards ...

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