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Fax software
... Fax Software for OpenVMS, Tru64 & IBM AIX Servers ...

RELAY is the most powerful, reliable, yet flexible Message management System available for OpenVMS, Tru64 & AIX Servers. RELAY allows the customer to efficiently control their Fax, Telex, EDI, and Electronic Mail traffic through one system. RELAY integrates with a wide variety of application systems and supports multiple file formats.

RELAY's Fax module includes a sophisticated 'Forms Overlay' module for users who wish to maintain quality output of special documents like Purchase Orders.

RELAY's Telex module finds the intended recipient from within the text of the message for automatic routing.

RELAY's Email service provides a gateway to Value Added Networks such as MITEL, BIMCOM, COMTEXT, AT? Mail, Mercury Multimessage BT etc.

RELAY's EDI module supports multiple message standards and Network Suppliers.

RELAY's Microsoft Exchange & Lotus notes allows users to receive faxes just like e-mail.


Many types of applications need to deliver a confirmation message of some kind. Relay satisfies this need in all sectors from Transport and Shipping to Finance and Utilities. Existing applications include:

  • Passenger/Hotel Reservations
  • Utilities Control and Resource Ordering
  • Flood Warning and Emergency Systems
  • Financial Deal Confirmation
  • Transportation - Consignment Information
  • Manufacturing - Purchase Ordering & Statement Production
  • Pharmaceuticals - Purchase Ordering & Analysis Results



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