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Specialising in refurbished servers and supplying IT hardware, software & Maintenance services since 1973 to companies worldwide has made Computer Communications Limited (CCL) a truly international corporation.

To fulfil your hardware and maintenance requirements our business focus is the supply of both refurbished servers and new Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, EMC servers and network storage solutions and providing the maintenance services that support this range of refurbished and new hardware.

At CCL our objective is to provide companies with a cost effective and professional service that will allow you to be competitive and achieve your own business objectives for your customers and business partners.
To meet your delivery requirements we stock a comprehensive range of refurbished servers and network storage systems which we can customise for you to meet your specific requirements normally within 24 Hours.
The following links will allow you to view the range of new and refurbished servers and storage we have available for you. You can also download details of the IT Maintenance services we provide.
If you would like to discuss more specifically the hardware or service requirements in greater detail, click the "Chat with us Live" button on the web page or call 01962 600666 AdobeStock 50109190
"CBRE is a global Real Estate and complete facilities company who also provide critical I.C.T support services for a large number of leading technical and financial corporations. We strongly rely on companies who can consistently provide the right technical equipment we need to support our customers in the required time frames due to the nature of our business. Computer Communications Limited (CCL) have been a major part of our success in providing critical technical hardware when required both cost effectively and professionally. I would certainly recommend CCL to any potential company that needs Hardware, Hardware Advice and Hardware Support.."

This link on our web site shows some additional companies we have provided services to recently and over our thirty years of successful IT hardware provision.

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