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Welcome to Computer Communications ( CCL)

When you next need to purchase a Dell Poweredge, HP Proliant, IBM Server or SUN Server, you may want to consider requesting a quote for a refurbished server.

Many major suppliers like HP and Dell offer their excess Server stock to many companies in the UK to clear stock and boost cash flow which means that we can provide HP Proliant Servers and Dell Poweredge Servers from stock both immediately and cost effectively. We have over the past 40 years built up a network of hardware brokers which allow us to provide IT Hardware generally within 24 hours in the UK.

We offer a complete selection of Dell, HP, IBM and Sun servers from various UK locations which can be configured with the latest processors and storage to provide a cost effective alternative to New systems. All the servers we supply include at least 12 months RTB warranty and we also provide 24 hour 4 Hour Fix maintenance if required.

Buying servers from companies that advertise on E-Bay can be both risky and significantly more expensive in the long run if problems arise. CCL has been supplying software, maintenance and hardware services in the UK for over 40 years and the management team includes veterans that have been in the IT business since 1969.

When considering the purchase of IT Hardware, it is always sensible to ask how long the company has been in business and how the warranty (if being offered) is provided. Many companies over the past 40 years have purchased IT Hardware and maintenance services from Computer Communications (CCL) and include well known names such as British Gas, BAE Systems, HP, IBM, Dell, Colt, Fujitsu, Leeds Building Society, various NHS Trusts, a summary of the companies can be found on the web site

When budgets are stretched and many of the recognized manufacturers like Dell, HP, IBM and Sun announce new generation servers and stop the supply and support of “older” systems, many companies choose to buy past generation servers that will do the job that is required by the applications they run..

Buying refurbished servers and storage can be very cost effective and can maximize the money available in IT budgets

Many of the latest servers become available through companies either over ordering to meet committed discounts or where companies simply close down divisions and no longer need the servers they have purchased. On these occasions, the warranty supplied by the Manufacturer is passed onto the New owner.

Many Legacy applications are often linked to specific systems and are not supported on the latest processors which can mean that “old” systems still maintain their value and “do the job” very well. Component parts are readily available and many companies provide maintenance when the original supplier withdraws support and forces companies to upgrade.

Renting servers can also be very cost effective when new systems need to be tested prior to implementation, we offer short term rental terms to allow companies to test their applications on the latest software. Many companies also purchase refurbished systems as back up for Disaster Recovery.

Computer Communications Limited (CCL) has built a remarkable reputation since 1973 by supplying hardware, software and maintenance support. All the systems we supply are configured to meet specific requirements with Processors, Ram and Disk configurations customised to each unique requirement.




Dell PowerEdge R710 configured with 2 x Intel  X5650 2.66Ghz 6-Core Processors, 128GB Ram (16 x 8GB), 2 x 300GB 15k 2.5” 6Gbps SAS HDDs, 6 x 600GB 10k 2.5” 6Gbps SAS HDDs, PERC H700 (512Mb) RAID Controller, iDRAC6 Enterprise, 4 x Integrated Broadcom 5709 1GB NICS, 2 x Intel PRO/1000 VAT Quad-Port 1GB NIC’s, 2 x 870 Watt Power Supplies, DVD-ROM, Bezel & Rails



Dell PowerEdge R610

Dell R610 Server 6 Bay 2.5” configured with 2 x E5620 2.40Ghz Quad Core processors, 24GB RAM, H700/512MB Raid Controller, 4 x 300GB 10K SAS Disks, DVD, iDRAC Express, Dual PSU’s,Rack Kit.



Dell R720 Server

Dell R720 Server 16 Bay 3.5″ configured with 2 x X5660 2.80Ghz Six Core processors, 128GB RAM, H710/1GB Raid Controller, 4 x 600GB 10K SAS Disks, 4 x 1TB NL SAS Disk, iDRAC Enterprise, Dual PSU, Rack Kit.

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